Suzuki - "Year-long goodness"

Suzuki Pakistan had done little work to create brand equity. The agency was tasked with targeting Ramzan and creating a strong message of helping others throughout the year, not just during the month of blessings. The campaign achieved 28k views, 517 comments, 5.9K shares, and a high ad recall of 6.4%.


For this campaign, we took a bird’s-eye view of cultural behavior in busy metropolitan cities of Pakistan. One key behavior observed daily, but which aggravates during Ramadan, is road rage. Road rage is a serious problem in a month where patience and tolerance are deeply emphasized.


Facebook has a broader audience base for Ramadan/Eid content consumption, which is also cost-effective. Facebook’s specialized Ramadan audience clusters allowed us to precisely reach the desired audience. Thru-play optimized campaigns guaranteed at least 15-second views, making video campaigns on Facebook more effective. We achieved over 760k 3-second video views and over 280k 15-second video views. Our cost per result went as low as $0.005, reaching over 2 million people and serving 4.7 million impressions in the process.

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