Suzuki Rv

There are many auto-financing solutions available, but none ease the payment process as effectively as Suzuki RV. Its distinctive content set it apart in the auto-finance category, garnering significant interest from the audience towards Suzuki RV Financing. It provided a modern, fun solution for a typically technical or boring offer.


Our communication efforts over a period of 4 months generated around 21,000 inquiries, resulting in the sale of 1,780 units via Suzuki RV.

Suzuki Used Cars Gala


Organizing ‘Suzuki Used Car Gala’ amid COVID restrictions on social gatherings.

Suzuki Used Car Gala is an established on-ground car sales event happening since the past 10 years. Due to the pandemic, we were unable to host the event on-ground. So we reinvented the event experience by Braking The Journey: Browse Online, Inspect Offline. This gave customers a chance to choose their preferred used cars on a specified portal where they could browse, select and choose the used car. But because no one buys a high-involvement product without inspecting it in person, we invited the customer to our dealership, where they could finalize their purchase.