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There are 109.32 million women in Pakistan, making up 48.54% of the nation’s population. Yet, only 1% of women are entrepreneurs. This stark disparity reflects a society largely dominated by men in business, with women often viewed as better managers at home rather than in the workplace. The societal questions persist: What will people think of a woman with her own business? How will the home run? How will the children survive?


In 2022, we reintroduced SC WIT with the theme #SheStands, focusing on addressing women’s challenges and overcoming self-limiting beliefs that hinder their growth. We created communications through our DVCs to combat societal dilemmas, self-doubt, work-life balance, and potential. Our DVC was a global adaptation that resonated with all women and their challenges. This was followed by testimonials from previous cohort winners. Digital PR amplification was achieved using the alumni of WIT, industry leaders, and digital publications. Through digital postings, we empowered more women from urban and rural areas to scale their startups through mentoring and a seed grant.


The results were over 90% positive sentiment and a reach of 27+ million on social media, with 51+ million impressions and a 159% increase in Twitter profile views. We achieved an 8000% increase in social media impressions compared to the previous month. Our Twitter followers increased by 79%, and mentions went up by more than 1200%. The campaign results exceeded our expectations in less than six days.

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