Palmolive Naturals - "As Natural As"

To create awareness of the Palmolive Naturals range of shampoos, we launched a contextual campaign on YouTube using 6-second ads. The campaign featured 14 unique bumper ads, achieving 17,956,089 impressions and a 42% lift in ad recall – the highest in the shampoo industry!


Although Palmolive Naturals had been in the market for a while, the brand didn’t enjoy high recall or top-of-mind awareness. The brand’s first challenge was to connect with a broad female target group, ranging from ages 18 to 35.


Research revealed that our target audience loved browsing YouTube, allowing us to segment their interests into common clusters. We tailored our message for the target groups through contextual communication, meaning every YouTube search was followed by relevant communication about the interest, which was As Natural As Palmolive Naturals. We promoted 14 unique creatives on YouTube pre-rolls, giving us only 6 seconds to make an impact. And it paid off, with Google lauding the brand’s efforts in optimizing the platform