A stacked powerhouse

The Challenge:
As the leading QSR brand, KFC set an ambitious revenue benchmark at the start of 2022 to achieve 2.3 billion PKR, which is 58% higher than the previous year. This goal required improving ROI on ad spend and overhauling the overall platform strategy.


A majority of our traffic was coming from search engines, which wasn’t our primary focus. The shift in focus has reflected positively.


With the strategic improvements and a shift in focus, KFC’s revenues showed significant growth. By the end of 2022, KFC surpassed the previous year’s target of 1.45 billion PKR by 10% in September. It continued on a strong trajectory, setting a solid foundation for sustained success in the following years.

KFC - '"Mad Mehnat"

An opportunity that presented itself just in time for us to package as the novelist way to celebrate our workforce on Labor Day! Total Reach: 5 million Views: 542K Shares: 2000+ Positive Comments: 1.4k

Every year, brands commemorate Labor Day with a simple post of appreciation. A post doesn’t cut it for the staff on duty, dedicatedly serving people’s favorite meals in KFC restaurants. A stroke of luck in March brought Omer Ali aka Ibn-e-Ali to the management’s attention for his use of rap as a form of self-expression while going about his restaurant duties in a video that went viral overnight.

With Ali’s permission to use his Original rap, KFC highlighted one employee’s struggles from coming off the streets and giving him a space to outdo his own potential. That’s how Mad Mehnat came to life, ready to be served fresh to audiences on Labor Day. A stark increase in engagement and brand love across social platforms for creating a content piece which gives a fiery tribute to Pakistan’s labor.