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Suzuki AGS

The Challenge

Lack of awareness due to inefficient marketing slowed down Suzuki AGS sales.

The Idea

Daily urban commuters waste a lot of time and money when stuck in traffic, resulting in physical fatigue and frustration. Aligning our challenge with the user’s issue, we decided to educate them about Suzuki’s AGS variant, showcasing it as the solution to their problem. The main communication was around ‘Lala Barkat’, a miser who advocates for AGS transmission in his car for being a cost-effective choice. Further communication displays a man whose conscience is at odds while on the road, depicted hilariously through an angel and devil character. After highlighting how AGS can be beneficial for the user, it was time to tell them how it works through infomercial (instruction manual) videos, articles and trivia for engagement. To build more attraction, we had economical financing offers and discounted promotions.

The Impact

Increase in product awareness evident by effective discussions about AGS on digital platforms translating into a 256% growth in sales.

Numeric Results:
  • Total Reach: 23,143,345
  • Total Impressions: 132,219,893
  • Total Video Views: 5,541,363
  • Total Ad Clicks: 300,721

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