Synite Digital amplified the Funsticks campaign for Omore. The campaign was presented with a PAS AWARD 2016 in the category of Ice Creams & Desserts and Synite was recognized for its extensive contributions.

What We Did for the Campaign

The Funsticks campaign involved a microsite specifically dedicated to the promotion along with the launch of nearly 50 creative videos as well as mini-games.

Engagement Through a Web Platform

To enhance the Funsticks campaign, Synite created a web platform where the target audience (5-12 years) got engaged through smart learning experiences and were able to share their creations to get rewarded.

Fun-Filled Ideas for Videos and Games

The website had different aspects and engaging elements that would keep the kids hooked.

Video Content: 3 types of video content were developed:

‘How to’ videos, where the kids were being taught how Funsticks can be used to create different shapes.

Mindstormers, where kids from the brand’s TG were shown using the Funsticks to make some interesting shapes.

Storytelling, where interesting stories around the shapes were created and shown in a video format.

Exciting Games: 3 mini-games were also adapted and put on the website to keep the kids engaged and entertained.

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