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2015 marked the beginning of the digital journey for Olper’s cream as an independent brand away from its parent brand’s shadow. Therefore, it was of utmost importance for the brand to not only interact with its audience but also to gain genuine followers through distinctive and interesting content.


An in-depth research on the consumer revealed that, for our target audience (that comprises of females 18 -28 Sec A B) family happens to be the most integral part of their life. Serving and caring for their family is their way to seek fulfilment in life. Another insight exposed that they are passionate about food; and what better way to serve and care for your family than providing the food they love.



These interesting insights combined with the brand truth that Olper’s cream stands for; – providing a sense of fulfilment, led us to explore the platform of baking – yet untapped by any other brand.
The strategic approach and aim was simple; our consumer seeks fulfilment by providing her family with delicious food, then why not provide her that.
The challenge, however, was how to stay away from the clutter of recipe shows that every channel throws our way
Solution was right there in the question itself; let’s not dish out recipes and add to the clutter but be the giver and taker both by making this a two way communication. Add more fun, make this a competition – add some spice, make this a reality show. Hence, the recipe for Pakistan’s Biggest Digital Baking show was complete.


Pakistan’s Biggest
Online Baking Contest


Social Media Stage 1: Call for Entries

Early social communications invited bakers to bake record and send their entries at www.borntobake.pk
Our panel of judges (Naila Naqvi, Raja Abdullah and Saman Ayub) set out to find the best 12 amongst a pool of talented bakers.

Digital Media: Extending The Message

Digital display advertising extended message
These 12 were given challenges, first in the comforts of their homes, and then after a public voting the top 8 were taken on set to face-off through a series of tasks to prove their metal.

The Final Showdown: Mahbano VS Aqsa

Social content and communications continue to highlight the competitors building towards #GrandFinale.
Aqsa Sikander was the last woman standing and claimed the title in the inaugural season of Olper’s Cream Born to Bake.

Digital Paid Media Program: Targeted For Conversions

Paid media campaigns were executed throughout different phases of the show. The communication on the banners changed as the show progressed, but the call to action was primarily the same – WATCH NOW!

Dailymotion Instream Ads

Dailymotion instream ads were also executed to ensure users searching for similar content and videos on the web were exposed to this one of a kind contest!

Ongoing PR Campaign: Sustaining The Conversation

Further a heavy PR and outreach campaign resulted in born to bake being talked about across all popular food platforms, blogs, and mentions of key opinion leaders. #BornToBake became a trending topic across the social mediums multiple times.

Real-time Content Updates: Karachi Eat Food Festival

Born to Bake also featured in one of Karachi’s most popular events, Karachi Eat Food Festival.
Fans visiting the stall to meet their favorite contestants and trying out their special recipes.


The hub effectively reached out to over 181K users. Generated more than 859,000 views on the entire show, attained 963,000 social actions, and received over 17,000 user votes. The campaign successfully recruited more than 56,000 genuine fans through its efficiently planned media, effectively breaking through clutter.


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