A World Without Moms

Created a unique and clutter breaking campaign that stands out from the rest.


Amidst the decreasing organic reach on Facebook the objective of this campaign was to test the true strength of good content (without investing a single penny for paid promotions). Since Mothers are the primary TG for Olper’s milk – what can be a better opportunity but Mother’s day itself to test and prove that content really is the king. Olper’s as a brand is not just a lifestyle choice but a partner for moms who constantly make the right choices to be there for their families. Moms don’t ask for much and always give more than required and we are often complacent of that fact in today’s fast-paced world. Olper’s knew it had to do more than the regular flowers and presents on Mother’s Day.

The objective then was simple: employ shock and emotion to break the clutter on Mother’s Day and present an ode to mothers who work non-stop without the promise of a reward.



The idea was to emphasize how intact our life is when Mothers are around and how chaotic and incomplete it would be when they are not there.
Video content was created depicting how the world would look like if one day all the mothers were to vanish. The video was released on Olper’s Milk’s official Facebook page a day prior to Mother’s Day.
The video concept dealt with a kid waking up one fine morning to realize he’s late for school and upon stepping out of the room finds the house in a chaotic state. From a burning toast in the toaster, the crying baby, fathers trying to dress up kids for school, everything in and outside the house is a total mess. The camera zooms out to reveal the powerful moms centric message.


The video went viral organically,
beating the brand’s arch rival Nestle.


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