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Having Account Managers who live and breathe social, we stay up-to-date with the latest behavior and platform developments. Through our clients’ social accounts, we engage with over 50,000 people on a daily basis and through this engagement, we foster connections with hundreds of social influencers and advocates.

When it comes to Synite Digital, social media marketing isn’t just limited to a set of tried-and-tested tactics; it’s regarded as a different world altogether. We understand how this monster sits at the center of creative, media, and strategy – and that’s why we approach it through a “social by design” policy.

In other words, we provide comprehensive social media management with an all-rounded attitude to help you carve the niche for a responsive audience for your brand.


Advertising, Visual design, Content creation, Social content, Studio production, Data-led creative


Channel and digital media planning, Programmatic media


Analytics, Monitoring, SEO, SEM, Multi-variety testing, Dynamic landing pages, Media ROI analysis

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