#ZalimaCocaColaPilaDey goes viral among youth

With the launch of the new TVC featuring Meesha Shafi and Umair Jaswal, Coca-Cola rolled out a huge campaign on digital media. This started with seeding the content through KOLs and bloggers. It was then picked up and went viral. The highlight of the virality is that Coke deliberately seeded humour based content through online influencers and urged other users/ publishing platforms and media houses to pitch in with content. The song in the TVC is a remix of the old film song sung by Madam Noor Jehan, and would potentially be the part of Coke Studio 9 line up too. Due to the virality, a few platforms also dug up the original version of the song and that too was circulated widely on social media, all in all the campaign was a hit especially with the youth.

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