YouTube Reserve Inventory

After the ban on YouTube in Pakistan being lifted, it hasn’t taken much time to start bringing in different ad units for media advertisers. From basic in-stream ads, in-display ads to YT Mastheads, YouTube has come a long way. But this is far from the end, as they have now made fully available Reserve Inventory in Pakistan.

Reserve Inventory guarantees impressions on placements within You-Tube. This does not work on a bidding based model, but instead on a fixed pricing model where on the basis of CPM you can book certain number of impressions across multiple targeting options based on affinities. For non-skippable ads (15s & 30s copies) each impression can be counted as a view.

This is definitely not the last media innovation being brought in by Google, and advertisers can hope that they keep providing them with constant ammunition to fuel their media weaponry on a regular basis.

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