WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp has introduced few new features with their latest update. Making our lives a bit more convenient and conversations interesting, few of their prominent features are;

  • Animation
  • Forward message to multiple recipients
  • Mentions
  • Bold, Italic, strikeout

WhatsApp is now letting us share our videos as animated images, and we can share GIFs from third party apps to our contacts on WhatsApp. Along with this feature now you don’t need to forward your message separately to people in your contact list, now WhatsApp lets you forward your message to multiple recipients just with one click. Secondly, you can use mentions (tagging on WhatsApp) by simply typing @ and then select the person you are referring to, the name appears as a link on the chat, and you can interact with it and check contact information.

Lastly, now you can write your messages in bold italic and strikeout, if you’re wondering how, here is your answer; for bold write you use * with your message *message*, italic font can be selected by _message_ and if you wish to strikeout your text simple use ~message~.

Speculations suggest that WhatsApp will soon be releasing video calling on IOS platform, which will be followed by Android and Windows.

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