Safeguard – The Parody Paradox

In late August, Safeguard, a brand that has mainly focused on kids through its series of Commander Safeguard, added another episode to its series that created uproar among the masses. The video made mimicry of famous politician Imran Khan by portraying and implementing the scenario of a sit-in (dharna) that was staged by the aforementioned politician.

Dirtu, the lead villain of the series was playing the character of Imran Khan as he was seen coming out of a container and addressing the crowd using more or less the same tone and statements used by the politician in his sit-ins. This created a big controversy as a Twitter trend #BoycottSafeguard was trending on top of the social network.

Different marketing groups and news agencies also brought this issue in the limelight and noted that it was unethical and illogical of safeguard to move off its horizon and come into the political circle.

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