Programmatic buying is based on a real-time bidding model which automates the media buying process by allowing the advertiser to pre-set target audience, placement, network and other parameters. This helps the advertiser purchase “audience” rather than simple impressions.

Programmatic buying selects who to serve impressions to, based on data an advertiser thinks is pertinent to the campaign. In a programmatic campaign, an ad may only show on a specific website if the targeted person is browsing that site.

Only one such campaign has been executed so far, and that is by J. Fragrances to promote the launch of their product 414 by Wasim Akram. The TVC of this campaign was executed by Synite Digital through a trading desk called AMNET, which is a global group for programmatic and other media solutions.

With the world of digital advertising progressing towards automation in their processes, it won’t be long before other brands and agencies follow suit and move away from traditional media buying methods to programmatic buying.