It is widely known that while digital media is a measurable channel for advertising, it cannot compete with TV when it comes to reach in Pakistan yet. However, due to the digital medium being one of the most relevant mediums for the targeted audience of most brands, it cannot be ignored as well. So what if there was some way to merge the two and reap the benefits of both?

A breakthrough campaign with exactly this objective in mind was executed by Synite Digital for their client Junaid Jamshed on the launch of their new collection “Har Rang Apna”. While the launch event was a successful one, creating a lot of buzz on Twitter (where it became a trending topic) the hashtag #HarRangApna was merged with a TV channel where live tweets were being served directly from the event. Anyone tweeting on the hashtag was simultaneously creating noise for the brand on both digital and TV.

This activity enabled more people to join in on the digital activity as they watched the hashtag on TV, and caused the event to trend in just one hour.

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