Launch of Uber in Pakistan

After witnessing a great traction of 3G/4G services in Pakistan in the past two years, Uber finally launched in Karachi on August 25th, 6 months after making its debut in Pakistan. To celebrate its launch, Uber offered 5 free rides up to Rs.300 each to its users till 28th August.

Uber is offering a minimum fare rate of Rs.150 accounting to Rs.2/min and Rs.9.38/km ensuring an economic barrier is met. Moreover it also offers an option of “Split fare” for its users when travelling with one or more persons via credit card or cash.

Uber faces a stiff competition in Karachi and numerous complaints have already been expressed on social media platforms regarding the unavailability of UberGO services. Low fares won’t do any good to Uber if they fail to establish a large fleet. Whether it will be able to capitalize such a crowded market while remaining consistent throughout, is something only time will tell.

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