Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but Instagram’s latest move likely doesn’t feel like much of a compliment to Snapchat. – Business Insider

Facebook is back by introducing Instagram stories and trying to kill Snapchat, the entity it once wanted to buy. It seems like Facebook lives by the rule “if you can’t buy them, crush them”

With the latest feature added to Instagram, which has 300 million daily users, twice that of Snapchat, the numbers have given the former a huge advantage over SnapChat. This development does not guarantee the demise of Snapchat, however, it does slow down the pace of growth for its advertising platform.

Instagram being an older platform has another advantage: advertisers are aware of how it works.

So far this new feature cannot be advertised upon but, companies have seen a vast difference in action between both platforms with Instagram having an edge over Snapchat.

Nike, for example, generated 800,000 views in 24 hours for an Instagram Story that it posted on the first day the feature was available. On Snapchat, Nike’s best video got 66,000 views, according to Nike and its social media agency, Laundry Service.

“Instagram is really brand friendly, so that’s a huge opportunity,” said Nick Sheingold, associate director of strategy at Laundry Service. “Those numbers are staggering.” – Source Advertising Age

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