Imran Kapadia

Associate Media Director

Imran believes in the process of learning and growing. He brings that philosophy to all his work at Synite while being rigorously involved in new projects with all the brands.

With the dream of becoming an architect, he ended up in advertising. Even so, Imran is an excellent world builder because that is how he approaches his work.

Associated with Synergy since 2009 and initially having been involved with conventional media, Imran rose through the ranks and currently serves as the Supervisor Media Planning. His portfolio includes accounts like Zong, Microsoft, and Wi-Tribe.

At his position, he performs several roles. As an analyst, he understands the power of data and what patterns it can show. As a media planner, he knows all the tools of trade of every platform. As a big picture thinker, he knows the importance of a micro/macro approach when making a media plan for a client.

And finally, as a team supervisor, he believes in bonding with and trusting each of his members so that the team can grow together.

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