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Synite started its operations in 2014, Just 4 years back as an integrated full service digital agency. After our inception we were able to win independent business, both Digital Creative & Digital Media, and have remained committed to our values. We have built our agency and capabilities to help you fully harness the potential of digital media.  Our 360o integrated digital model provides you with the flexibility and agility required to capitalize on this fast-changing environment.

Being part of Synergy Group, we give you integrated media solutions as a one stop solution provider. Our unique talent blend allows you to have a truly integrated approach whilst benefiting from best in class specialist resources.

Our Unique

Our proprietary tool CCS will provide you with a true competitive advantage of having insights, behavior, psychographics and much more.

These are truly exciting times where the pace of change continues to accelerate. Media convergence is changing the way people experience brands and bringing the point of engagement and transaction closer together. To tackle that we have an in-house team of experts that focuses performance marketing and help brands tackle the ever-changing dynamics.

This means the contribution of Digital to your business is more visible, immediate and measurable than ever before, enabling us to REDEFINE the value of Media. Digital is at the heart of this disruption with media increasingly acting as a sensor for the organization.

Our Achievements

  • The first ever Twitter advertisement
  • The first digital Rich Media take over on Dailymotion
  • The first ever Yahoo Gemini campaign
  • The first ever digital campaign on Skype
  • The first ever Merged Media campaign
  • The first ever programmatic campaign in Pakistan
  • The first agency to be a part of Google’s Joint Business Partner and Facebook’s Agency Listing which shows our strength and dominance on the biggest advertising platforms.

All of these things enable us to deliver on the communication challenges presented by such a dynamic and large market.

What You Get As A Client

  • Innovation in idea executions
  • Priority access to our award-winning capabilities
  • Unparalleled exposure with digital and media driven campaign ideas



The team at Synite is all about the ideas.
The way we see it, artistic and technical creativity is the key.
And that is exactly what our people bring to the table.

Shahnawaz Salahuddin

Executive Director – Business

Hasnain A. Hukumdad

Director Account Management & Integrated Business

Saad Khalique

Business Director

Sidra Salman

Creative Group Head

Imran Kapadia

Supervisor Planning Digital

Hina Bawahab

Integrated Strategy Planner

Hasan Puri

Account Lead





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